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O3 INNOVATION is a research center, a member of the Skolkovo innovative project with a cutting-edge laboratory. The company specializes in the development of innovative competitive products in the field of construction chemicals and plastics and in the research that accompanies this development process.

O3 INNOVATION is also the O3 Company’s center of competences in the field of protective coatings research and expert evaluation. Specialized tools and equipment enable it to conduct quality tests of coating materials in order to obtain reliable data about their performance.

The main line of the company’s business is to develop industrial protective coatings that provide fire protection, corrosion protection and heat insulation.

O3 INNOVATION has developed, and O3-COATINGS has launched a production line of protective coatings ensuring the safety of existing strategically important and hazardous production facilities:

  • TRIOFLAME line fire protection materials;

  • TRIOCOR line corrosion protection materials.

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