O3-ENGINEERING specialists perform a whole range of work on designing fire protection for buildings and structures:

  • Pre-design inspection of facilities;

  • Development of fire protection projects for structural elements of buildings and facilities of all type of purpose to be used during design, construction, overhaul, reconstruction, retooling, functional conversion, maintenance and operation;

  • Calculated choice of fire protection means (thin-film intumescent coatings and structural fire protection);

  • Calculations of the surface area of structural elements to be coated with flame retardants;

  • Calculation of flame retardant consumption;

  • Elaboration of a Work Execution Program (WEP);

  • Customer consultancy support at every stage of the design and construction of a facility;

  • Field and technical supervision of work performed during fire-retardant material application;

  • Support in the state examination bodies, surveillance authorities and getting fire protection projects approved by a building owner;

  • Formation of a post-completion documentation package for the structural elements fire protection for final review by Rostekhnadzor;

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