Participation of O3-Coatings in the competition «National Security» at the LESPOZHTECH Forum

Participation of O3-Coatings in the competition «National Security» at the LESPOZHTECH Forum

From October 17 to 19, 2023, the 27th International Exhibition of State Security Means, "Interpolitech-2023," will take place at VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy) in Moscow. As part of the exhibition, with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, the Federal Forestry Agency, the Federal Air Forest Protection Service, and the Federal Research Institute for Integrated Forest Management, the IV International Forum on Modern Forest Firefighting Technologies, "LESPOZHTEKH," is organized.

The issue of forest fires is always a top priority. Enhancing the forest fire protection system is impossible without modern equipment for firefighting teams. The minimization of forest losses due to fires and the improvement of the speed of fire detection and extinguishing in forests are achieved through the implementation of modern developments in the daily activities of firefighting teams, both at the federal and regional levels in Russia.

Within the "LESPOZHTEKH" Forum, there is a competition called "National Security." The main idea of the competition is to select and demonstrate the most promising and modern security technologies and developments to specialists and the wider public, promoting innovative activities and scientific and technological development. This year, a special section on "Equipment and Technologies for Combating Forest Fires" has been introduced into the competition program.

Company O3 has entered the competition with its flame-retardant product TRIOFLAME 9000. It is a liquid water-based concentrate containing inorganic phosphorus compounds, corrosion inhibitors, and special additives. The material is designed for extinguishing and preventing natural forest and landscape fires. It is also used for fire prevention by creating non-combustible firebreaks. The phosphorus compounds in the composition slow down the thermal decomposition processes of cellulose materials, making them non-flammable, thereby reducing the intensity and spread of the fire.

TRIOFLAME 9000 does not emit toxic combustible gases, ensuring the safety of personnel. Water evaporation after treatment with the material does not affect its effectiveness. The composition exhibits a low level of corrosion activity towards equipment metals.

Grigory Shifrin, the CEO of Company O3, commented on their participation in the event: "Regardless of the results of the 'National Security' competition, TRIOFLAME 9000 has already proven itself excellently during field tests. Participation in the exhibition and the competition will allow Company O3 to showcase its product to a highly engaged audience."